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What do you think about whilst cycling?

What do you think about whilst cycling? Everyone treats cycling a little differently, some cyclists pedal away furiously with their head down, in the zone. Sometimes it’s clear that other cyclists I see are deep in thought almost to the point of meditation then there are others that constantly glance at their odometers, logging the miles and tracking their stats obsessively.

I friend of mine will openly admit he mostly thinks about girls when he’s cycling, though that applies equally off the bike too. My partner Ellie mostly thinks about beating all the boys up the hills, an act not merely confined to her imagination. Continue reading What do you think about whilst cycling?

Are energy gels useful for long distance cycling?

Grossglockner High Alpine Road
Beautiful agony on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

When I’m on my road bike I often enjoy an energy gel, well perhaps I don’t enjoy an energy gel, but I certainly benefit from a little caffeine and carbs. But what about for touring? I think some insight into this question can be gleaned from a little light philosophy; when you’re out on a road bike you don’t need to ride in a sustainable way, you can ride vigorously all day before returning home to a warm shower and rest until you feel you have recovered again. Some gels can enhance your performance for a short time but at the cost of extending your recovery time. On a Sunday road ride this doesn’t matter. Chances are that you will be at work on Monday and able to rest and recover for the next cycling opportunity, probably a mid-week ride or the next weekend. On a tour there isn’t necessarily a day of rest coming up and so you must pace yourself – pacing yourself means that high concentration energy supplements shouldn’t really be necessary. Continue reading Are energy gels useful for long distance cycling?

How to plan an adventure

Planning for an adventure
Planning for an adventure

Often the most difficult parts of any trip is getting it started. It’s just about getting enough momentum for plans to emerge and evolve, tickets to be booked, equipment to be procured and for you to find yourself taking that first step on your journey.

Well, I have a trick to get this going, it’s one that many serial adventurers use and it’s a technique revered for its simplicity and effectiveness: ‘tell your mates.’

Yep, that’s it. Just tell people about what you are looking to do. If you’re doing it alone then telling people will reaffirm to yourself that it’s actually happening. Tell enough people and the idea will gain its own momentum and you will mercilessly be swept along with it. Continue reading How to plan an adventure

Drawing Infographics

cycling health infographic
cycling health infographic

Believe it or not, I love data and statistics, I love to know how the distance I’ve travelled and what the temperature is when I ride. I like to know the calorie consumption for particular exercises and I’m interested in human population growth, rates of diseases and all manner of things that are most accurately expressed by statistics.

For example, did you know:

  • the typical person breathes 370,000 cubic metres of air in their lifetime
  • over 88% of the world’s population lives north of the Equator
  • India has more honours graduates than America has young adults
  • there are 31 billion searches on Google every month
  • it is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century
  • another prediction states that by 2049 a £1,000 computer will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human species
    Continue reading Drawing Infographics