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Making new friends

The Twenteens
The Twenteens; a great fun, haphazard and endlessly well spirited group of tourers.

Upon reaching the port in Dover we found the desks that sell the tickets were closed, we had arrived too late and the only thing that we could od is wait for the desks to reopen the next morning, we still had our takeaway Chinese food so one directed to the 24h arrivals lounge we tucked into out tasty pork, veg, rice and chicken dumplings before opening up our sleeping bags onto the floor and chairs and sleeping.

In the morning we purchased our tickets, after shopping arround I found out that it was cheaper to go to Dunkirk than to Calais and as Dunkirk is also closer to our first destination Brugge that was ut choice. £20 and 2hs later we noticed another group of young cycle-tourers riding ahead of us, also from the same ferry Continue reading Making new friends