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Walking, Thinking, Waiting

snails go slow
carrying your whole house on your back can really slow you down!

It’s been great to see my Dad and family in Reading over the last couple of days, the weather has been good and we’ve managed to do about 15miles of walking in the day and polish off a similar number of bottles of wine in the evenings. I’ve just heard from Joe a few hours ago, he spent the night just South of Rugby and is en route to meet me here either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I’m still having thoughts on my bike being too heavy, I keep doing a mental rummage of my panniers looking for some heavy and cumbersome ‘thneed’ (Dr. Seuss, anyone?) that I don’t really need to bring along.

The possible culprit items are (followed by my excuses for keeping them):
Binoculars: They’re really good ones, super bright 8×10 optics, I love using them to spy on wildlife and occasionally Continue reading Walking, Thinking, Waiting