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India; first impressions

Typical Scene in Mumbai
Typical Scene in Mumbai

I can imagine how many people from the west have journeyed out to India and have commented on its lively rhythmic culture, the sites of temples, smells of spices and other less appealing things. But, what I find most surprising and beautiful, and bear in mind I’ve only seen Mumbai so far, is how green the place is. Buildings are everywhere but flora bursts from every crevasse growing in brickwork and on the tops of buildings, the plants are fighting back against the urban sprawl and the activities of over 20 million individuals. Given this I’ve now got high hopes for rural India.

Mumbai has many British colonial buildings such as Victoria Station, now renamed ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus’ (there’s a popular movement to replace all British names with Indian ones) and many seem to be a graceful state of decline. Continue reading India; first impressions

de-mystifying visas one political territory at a time

China Visa Stamp
The Illusive China Visa Stamp

As a UK national obtaining foreign visas is probably easier for me than for most. I’m lucky to be a part of the EU and to be a member of a former global super power which, although I largely regret many aspects of Britain’s colonial past, has left me as a member of a country with strong political relationships all over the globe. So from the point of view of a British national the bureaucratic landscape and my political mobility looks as follows; Continue reading de-mystifying visas one political territory at a time