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Switzerland 2012; the home run

Zurich at night
first stop; Zurich at night - our flight lands in the evening

I don’t know how long it has been since I started taking the prospect of cycling to China seriously; well over a year I think. I’ve wanted to do it for ages but always preferred the idea of having company, and could never fully convince anyone to surrender a year of their life and what money they had to two wheels and a tent. Now, since I’ve found some like-minded people to join and I’ve been committed to a date (mid June) I’ve had to take extra shifts at work and save every penny I could to fund it, there has been quite a lot of kit to procure along with hours of research on visas, insurance, routes and mapping etc. This combined with my last year of Uni and general life stuff has made the last few winter months quite tough. But finally the end is in sight; the end of planning, the end of Uni and the start of life on the road as I make my way to China. Continue reading Switzerland 2012; the home run