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Transporting Bicycles On Ferries, Boats and Trains

Transporting bicycles around the globe on trains, boats and planes is at best a chore and at worst an expensive and stressful endeavour likely to decrease your life expectancy. But, it’s a necessary evil for many cycle tourists and you only have to try it once to realise that not everyone is as thrilled with your cycling plans as you are. Here’s what you need to know to have a smooth journey when transporting a bicycle.

Transporting Bicycles on Ferries

The simplest and most hassle free method of transporting bicycles, especially when heavily laden with panniers and touring gear, is to use a ferry.

Transporting Bicycles onto a ferry in the Greek islands
Cycling onto a ferry in the Greek islands

Ferries, in some form or another are found nearly everywhere and any ferry that takes cars and even those that don’t, in my experience, will also take bicycles and typically there is no weight or size restriction. On large commercial ferries that go from country to country you ride on with the cars, tie the bike up at the side of the car deck with some kind of rope (usually provided, but often some extra bungee straps are useful). During the voyage the lower decks are closed so take what luggage you need with you up to your seat, cabin, etc. Once the journey is complete you go back down to the vehicle levels, find your bicycle and roll off the other side, just like a car. No hassle, no fuss, perhaps a slight extra cost for taking a bike, but usually far less than the price the charge for cars. Continue reading Transporting Bicycles On Ferries, Boats and Trains