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Trangia Stove Boiling Speed Test and Review [Updated]

If you think that Trangias are slow then you must have been talking to my friends, they’re always telling me how painfully slow they are, and how useless they become at high altitude. The thing is, despite this common criticism, my experience has always been very positive.

Trangia 27-1 UL
Trangia 27-1 UL

I think Trangias are very fast. I can’t prepare the food for it faster than it can boil a pot of water. I’m the weakest link, I’m the bottleneck in the process, the Trangia runs rings around me so here I want to test how fast this cooking stove really is and give my Trangia 27-1 UL review. Continue reading Trangia Stove Boiling Speed Test and Review [Updated]

Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals

Trangia Recipes - washing up
washing up (someone has to do it)

Trangia Recipes using the most basic ingredients, minimal fuel and never wasting water.

My aim here is to compile a list of recipes that are;

1) quick and easy to cook
2) use common ingredients
3) use transportable ingredients
4) don’t consume much fuel
5) don’t waste any water
6) taste good
7) are nutritional
8) full of energy

Continue reading Trangia Stove Recipes and Meals