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pt.2 – All Stop

bicycle building
Sven rebuilding his bike unaware of the faulty tyre

In Trieste we dragged the bikes over to a quiet corner of the airport and with multi-tools in hand all seven of us proceeded to split open our boxes and reconstruct our cycles during which we were met by Joe and Chris sporting tans and fully assembled bikes. In keeping with the theme so far we then managed (just) to ride clear of Trieste Airport to the road about 20 meters away when Sven got his first puncture. With 9 bikes 7 of which had just been disassembled and rebuilt one puncture would not be that unusual, even if it was on a set of Continental Travel Contacts, it could have been that the inner tube wasn’t fitted right, but another puncture on the same wheel an hour later hinted at a more serious problem. As the sun set it because clear we couldn’t keep riding. Continue reading pt.2 – All Stop

pt.1 – Introduction and Departure

The Dalmatian Coast: 2011

This will be be first ride taken from my travel diary and published on CycleFar, it’s both the most recent and one of my favourite tours to date. The plan was simple; I was going to begin where my last ride ended, near the Italian/Slovenian border close to Koper and follow the Dalmatian coast south to Albania. I would, as always, invite nearly everyone I knew in the knowledge that of the people that said yes perhaps half would actually make it past the hurdles of acquiring a bike, camping gear, time off work and the will to spend weeks of their life cycling in a Mediterranean summer. I imagined I would end up with perhaps five of my more athletic and experienced friends and we’d zoom along the coast with practiced ease. Of course it didn’t really happen like that, it happened like this instead… Continue reading pt.1 – Introduction and Departure

Top tips to live cheaply and save money for travel

income / expenses
income / expenses

Cycle-touring is one of the cheapest forms of travel I can think of but it still requires money nonetheless and a little extra coin in your pocket can go along way to increasing moral by allowing you to purchase better quality food and occasionally treating yourself to a bed, shower, longer visa or a haircut. In planning my upcoming ride to China I’m forecasting visas to one of the biggest expenses, perhaps even overtaking the cyce-touring No.1 – food!

So with this in mind it’s time to start saving and living as frugally and smartly as possible. These are some of the habits I already had and a few new steps I’ve taken in recent months that have allowed me to vastly reduce my expenses and save money for the grand tour. Continue reading Top tips to live cheaply and save money for travel

Hunting for Visas

more of these please

It’s now only five months before I embark on the biggest tour I have ever contemplated, from the humble village of Desford, just on the outskirts of Leicester (UK), to the sprawling and expansive cities of Western China. There will be many obstacles along the way but I expect few will be as frustrating as political borders and visa requirements.

Just how do you go about getting visas for a good price? Everywhere I look I find inconsistent information about prices, how long the visas will be for, who will receive them and who will not, every detail changes from one report to another. I expect this is because many people have had different experiences, and at different times, so the resulting information found on the internet is patchy and conflicting. But where does this leave me? I know that there are companies that can ‘handle’ these matters for me, but at what cost? I need to sift through this swamp of conjecture and make some headway soon – time is running out!