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Tiny Globe Cyclist – Using 6 GoPro Cameras

A week has already passed since the first installment of Cinematic Sundays, now this Sunday I have something really bizarre for you. Using 6 GoPro cameras and some computer wizardry Jonas Ginter created a tiny globe effect of him cycling and traveling about.

The Little Prince
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I’m not sure why Jonas Ginter chose to film the second sequence in his car driving through a building site rather than a gleaming city or around some trees and lakes but it’s a brilliant and interesting vid nonetheless.

Does it remind anyone else of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry?

“On his fourth day with the little prince, the narrator becomes aware of just how small the little prince’s planet really is. The little prince is surprised that on Earth, he has to wait for the sun to go down to see a sunset. On his planet, a person can see the end of the day whenever he likes by simply moving a few steps.”

Building an Ultralight Touring Bike [Video]

Earlier today I made a video showing how I piece together my ultralight touring bike. In the video I’m using the standard 7.6kg setup as described in detail in my book along with my 10.5kg road bike. The 7.6kg is not all on the bike as it also includes what I am wearing; cycle shorts, cycle jersey, socks, SPD MTB shoes, helmet and sunglasses.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Cheers!

Departure – ‘Smoke Me a Kipper’

As my family are all away on holiday I awoke early to an empty house and started filming various clips of me getting ready. This extra task, that I felt I had to do, came from talking with my friend Charlie a few days ago; he suggested I make a short video of my departure and I instantly realised I had no choice, I’d always regret not trying it now that the idea had been planted in my head. I’d advise you not to take it too seriously and, please, feel free to laugh:

Almost everything was ready when I woke; all I had to do was film myself getting out of the house and pick up my toothbrush, I managed half of Continue reading Departure – ‘Smoke Me a Kipper’

Packing my touring bike – 24hs to go… [video]

What can I possibly say about the last few days?!… The last 48 hours have been spent in the vain pursuit of packing perfection – although my bike (Ramotswe; for those of you that don’t yet know) is holding everything I need in a, more or less, organised manner, she does weigh a ton. I’ve never had such a heavy bike to pedal and tomorrow I need to travel 100 miles to my dad’s house in reading! A feat I know I’ll find difficult because between uni, my old job and planning for this ride means I haven’t been able to cycle more than 40 miles a week for a very long time.

Here’s a video I put together earlier demonstrating how everything fits together. I know she looks heavy and you might think I’ve taken everything including the kitchen sink but I’m no weight weenie – I like light bikes, but I like my hammock, mask and snorkel even more, if you see what I mean?… and I’m also packing my laptop and associated electronics for the benefit of this site. So, with that defensive statement in place, I invite you to check out the video: (note: totally ripped off Ellie’s brilliant idea I’m afraid)

Aside from being a little out of shape for a 100 mile first day, and apart from harbouring a guilty consciousness about taking too many heavy luxuries on the bike, I’m really eager to get on the road and will pleased to ease myself into the simple, free and untethered life of cycle-touring again. Let the adventure begin!