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‘Snow Day’

Ellie and I by the lake on the Pouakai ranges.
Ellie and I by the lake on the Pouakai ranges.

Taranaki doesn’t typically get snow in the winter. I think there was a few millimetres in 2009 or 2010 and it’s still the talk of the town. For the most part this is great news; I can cycle all year round on my road bike and growing veggies in the winter is no problem, etc. But sometimes I miss how beautiful it can be and the childish excitement that probably stems from  the association with ‘snow days’ when I was younger that would force the schools to close and every child would get a bonus day of mischief charging around the park in a hat and gloves. Continue reading ‘Snow Day’

Conquering our nemesis; Snowdon

Checking out the mines
Checking out the mines at Glaslyn

Twice before I had attempted to climb Mt. Snowdon and twice I had failed. Both times were in February and on the miners track and both times I had wanted to push on but was forced to retreat. Snowdonia in the north of Wales is a beautiful wild and rugged national park, the highest point at 1,038 meters (3,406 ft) is Mount Snowdon. It’s not that high certainly but a great climb depending on what routes you take. Most people take the long and gradual Llanberis path which is a great introduction to walking and there’s also some pretty serious ridge routes such as The Snowdon Horseshoe. The miners track that I’ve attempted twice before lies somewhere in between and finally on my third attempt, and my dads third attempt, we made it. Note: we had not tried to climb Snowdon together before now. Continue reading Conquering our nemesis; Snowdon