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Canoeing the Whanganui River

Rivers have great names around these parts; the Te Henui river snakes around our garden and is just big enough to swim in, for exercise I run alongside the Te Henui to the sea, down to the beach, then across the sands to the Waiwhakaiho river.

The Waiwhakaiho is a larger river than the Te Henui and boasts one of New Plymouth’s proudest constructions the Whale Bone Bridge, and finally last weekend I had the chance to paddle the swollen waters of the Whanganui river that flows through the Whanganui national park in the region of Whanganui (north island, New Zealand) and, unsurprisingly, terminates at Whanganui – the city. The names may sound exotic but as you can see the Kiwis have been very practical in their application.
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