There are no absolutes in travel – another change of plans

My first taste of really good honey
My first taste of really good honey, on a hotel balcony in Athens

This morning I was going to leave Athens for Rhodes, now it looks like I might instead go to Kos. Longer term I had planned to cycle to China but now I want to keep bees in Australia after we have toured India. When I get to the ferry port tomorrow morning however the plans may change again and I’ll be unable to say with any certainty that I’m going to Kos until I arrive on its shores.

Keeping bees in Australia is much further away in our travel plans than Kos, so I expect things to change many times in the next few weeks and months, but this is a snapshot of our plans as of today, in Athens.

Ferries in Greece
Ferries in Greece are often reliable but the cost can vary significantly

Tomorrow we will take the overnight ferry to Kos, where we will cycle about, perhaps visit some small neighbouring islands before taking another ferry to Turkey. After cycling to Istanbul and obtaining visas for India we’ll fly to Mumbai and spend a few weeks touring the country. The next stage will be to find flights to Australia, with some preliminary research and recommendations from friends we’re thinking about somewhere within Victoria. I hear the climate and culture of the place are good and that there is lots of forest. We also have to think of the bees. I’m convinced that location is critical for good honey production and factors effecting the bees will play a big part in my decision on where to live.

I don’t expect bees to support me financially, especially at first but after a year or two I’d hope to be producing enough good quality organic honey, and other sideline products, from the bees to offset the initial cost of equipment and begin to subsidise my other income, whatever that might be.

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    1. Hi Zach. There are many reasons I’d like to keep bees. It’s challenging but rewarding work with the many threats bees face these days; pesticides, foreign diseases and parasites. At the same time their value for agriculture, specifically the pollination of crops, is tremendous. I think it will be a noble and exiting profession.

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