Ultralight Cycle Touring Book

My ultralight cycle touring book entitled the ‘Ultralight Cycle Touring Guide’ is finally complete. Since sometime in November 2013 I’ve been dragging myself away from the beautiful New Zealand spring to write a book on ultralight cycle-touring.

It all started when I got my road bike shipped out from the UK. I wanted to see more of New Zealand but the large distances and hills between towns forced to me look for a lighter and faster solution for touring. Down the rabbit hole I fell.

Ultralight Cycle Touring Book - 7.6kg Standard Setup
Ultralight Cycle Touring – 7.6kg Standard Setup

Within days I had become obsessed with ultralight touring. The road bike was in the limelight, the kitchen scales were on the floor and all my equipment fell under unprecedented scrutiny. Every item of equipment had to be essential, perform multiple tasks or defy gravity, to qualify for entry into the new ultralight cycle touring book. What emerged from this carnage was a loaded touring bike so light I thought I might have to hire someone to sit on it before a stiff breeze carried it away.

Ultralight Cycle Touring Book - Relationship Between Weight and Enjoyment
Relationship Between Weight and Enjoyment

The Ultralight Cycle Touring Book Setups

With my own mediocre equipment (in terms of how lightweight) I built a comfortable, long distance, touring bike with full camping equipment. I called it the ‘Standard’ setup, It weighed 18.1kg – 10.5kg for the bike and 7.6kg for the kit.

After that I looked at what I had packed and realised with an upgraded selection of equipment I could bring that 7.6kg down to 6.0kg – the ‘Optimal’ setup was born. Slowly as my logic progressed along these steps I realised that, with a little less luxury but just as much comfort, I could tour in the same was as I always have with a mere 4.2kg – I called that the Spartan setup. Those are the three design examples copied out in all of their metric glory in the ultralight cycle touring book. Along with a guide to the philosophy of minimalism and how to make good equipment choices.

On riding the Standard setup for the first time I was so pleased with the result of the ultralight philosophy I’d discovered and adopted I thought it would be a great topic for a book. I was racing along as if I were on a Sunday ride with the local club but fully loaded. The hills kept disappearing behind me and I thought – “I know people that would appreciate something like this”. So the ultralight cycle touring book was made to share the experience of simplicity and minimalism amongst cycle tourers. – I hope you like it! It can be found internationally on all of the Amazon sites.

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