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Have you ever thought of being a Warm Showers or Couchsurfing host? Warm Showers has over 24,645 active hosts and 41,412 members at the time of writing and is cycle touring specific. Here is Jack Moore’s account of hosting bicycle tourers and contributing to the Warm Showers community.

Jack Moore | The Velo Hobo:

“Much of the adventure of bicycle touring is meeting new people. Most of my tales of the road center on the wonderful fellow travelers I’ve happened across. A person on a loaded bike isn’t a stranger, but another adventurer out adventuring, and there seems to be an instant connection. Curiosity overcomes shyness and a roadside friendship is born.

When not on tour that instant connection is something I miss. One way to experience that same camaraderie when not touring is to open up your home to bike tourists as they pass your way.

Warm Showers - Jack, Raquel, Laura & Russ
Jack, Raquel, Laura & Russ

Warm Showers and Couchsurfing

My wife and I have been hosting bike travelers for a few years and our lives have been richer for it. We’ve been entertained, educated, amazed and inspired by the bicycle explorers who’ve taken shelter under our humble roof.

We’ve hosted people out for a week-long journey and people who have been traveling around the planet for years. An easy way to begin hosting is to create an account with one of the non-profit organization that maintain a database for hosts. Two of the most well-known are Couchsurfing and Warm Showers.

Warm Showers is more specific to Bicycle Touring and is the organization my wife and I use. We’ve both hosted and been hosted using the Warm Showers website and have not had a bad experience yet.

Warm Showers - Tomas
Tomas the Cycle Tourer

Our most well-known guests was Russ and Laura from The Path Less Pedaled who were out on an extended tour across America. Others included Tomas who flew from Spain to New York, bought a used forty dollar bike, bungeed on an odd collection of bags and headed for Miami.

Peter from Holland had been on the road for two years and had ridden around the world. Rocco, a wonderful writer who survived cancer, was out celebrating life with a cross-country tour and is writing a book of his experiences on the road. And there were many more, each with an interesting story to tell.

I’m always amazed by how nice bike travelers are and how comfortable it is to share our home with people we’ve never met. It’s easy to make a connection with people who share a love of adventuring by bike.”

Warm Showers - Rocco
Warm Showers – Rocco

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