What do you think about whilst cycling?

What do you think about whilst cycling? Everyone treats cycling a little differently, some cyclists pedal away furiously with their head down, in the zone. Sometimes it’s clear that other cyclists I see are deep in thought almost to the point of meditation then there are others that constantly glance at their odometers, logging the miles and tracking their stats obsessively.

I friend of mine will openly admit he mostly thinks about girls when he’s cycling, though that applies equally off the bike too. My partner Ellie mostly thinks about beating all the boys up the hills, an act not merely confined to her imagination.

I have to admit that I’m a singer, I always have a song in my head but when I cycle it often becomes vocalised – I have absolutely no talent for singing, but I’m pretty good at silly lyrics.

When I’m not singing I think about all sorts of things; how fast would I have to ride until the centrifugal force pulled my tyre away from the rim of my wheel? Will the basic shape of bicycles ever change or have we already found the most efficient design? How would the world look if humans had tails, this is an odd one, sure. But it can be a fun mental exercise to think of all the implications;  would we have special seats to accommodate them? Would people decorate them? Would it be seen as sexually provocative so show them off in the 1940 like legs!?

Another example question I pose to myself might be; what would happen is a sub aquatic species became as intelligent as humans? Would their technological advancement be stunted by the inability to light a fire? I bet you’d never considered that had you?

So, I’ve clearly over shared what I think about whilst cycling, what about you? Let me know in the comments.

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